Wild Willies Beard Products Review

image of Wild Willies beard butter, beard oil, and hemp beard elixir

My dad has a beard and really has to work at maintaining it.  We try to help him since he is your typical “dad mess.”  This week, we received some great products from Wild Willies to try out and tell you guys about, and I jumped right in and made my dad test them out.   They have great options for beard health,  beard grooming, skin, and more.

Here is what we love:

Beard Butter ($10):  Okay, this is their original butter/balm.  It helps with split ends, irritation, itchiness, and flaky skin.  My dad said that his face feels so much smoother and especially in the summer, so much less itchy.

Beard Oil ($10):  This is your two-in-one oil and conditioner must!  It has a really great scent and only contains natural ingredients and essential oils.   Also, my dad is kind of lazy so the fact that this comes in a pump spray option makes it so much easier to use.  It is not greasy like other products, he says, and we see kind of a shine to his beard since he started using it.

Hemp Beard Elixir – Fresh Squeeze ($20):  Okay, this will help a beard grow to its full potential without any of those harmful chemicals or preservatives.  Hemp oil actually helps with skin irritation and eczema also, so this is kind of a win-win.  This oil combines hemp with Jojoba Oil to help grow and nurture the beard while also protecting and moisturizing the skin.  The hair has started growing thicker and brighter and also the skin is softer and less irritated, he says.  Kind of like a “man facial” in a bottle, if you ask me.

Check out these and other great products at Wild Willies!