Great Games from Blue Orange!

Next up on the holiday shopping list is some education-driven board games.  These are a major staple in this house!  We are checking out a few that I think would make great gifts for someone on your list.

Dr. Eureka   This is a game of experiments.  You can play alone or compete against others by choosing a challenge card and grabbing your test tubes and colorful balls.  It is a race to solve the challenge!  This game is great for ages 8 and up.

Mindo Kitten For this game we turn to logic.  This is a kitten themed collection of 4 awesome puzzles.  Once again, can be played solo or you can challenge your friends and family!  They only come together in one way (3×3 or 4×4) so have fun turning and flipping until you complete the task on the challenge card you drew.  This game is great for ages 5 and up.

Brain Connect  To be honest, I personally love this one.  This game is a battle of how we process actions in our brains.  You have to precisely and quickly put your “thoughts” back in order and complete your action first to be the winner.  There are these great start and stop points along the way and it was so fun to watch the kids and myself using our noodles to be the winner!  I completely recommend this game to anyone on your list ages 8 and up.

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