Diamond Art Club

I have another super awesome holiday gift find!  Have you been plugging away at your gift list?!?

Have anyone crafty on your list – if so, for sure check out Diamond Art Club.  These are kind of “modern-day cross stitch” totally blinged up.  This is perfect for my tweenage daughter and after checking one of these out this weekend I will be getting her others for the holidays.  I am secretly working on “Teal Trees” but my kid will be creating “Sweet Hummingbirds” soon!  I love how therapeutic it is; after a crazy day at work I enjoy grabbing my applicator pen and working up some art.  The resin diamonds truly bring amazing sparkle to the piece!  We are talking toxic free, product stays in place and will last 15 years!

The pricing is really reasonable starting at about $20.00.  I truly adore how beautiful these kits are.

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