Great Gifts for History Buffs!

My husband is a huge fan of all things history…he watches tons of documentaries and loves a book that delves into the past. So I’m constantly looking for perfect gifts for history buffs. I was so, so excited to receive these two amazing samples/options for my gift-giving needs this holiday season!

Historic Cartoons Box ($36):  This great box of 50 cards features over 200 years of historic cartoons.  Each card is really nice quality cardstock.  On the back of each card, you get yourself a full description of the historical context and an explanation of the cartoon.

I love how my family members interpret the cartoons on their own and then their reaction to reading the explanation on the card.  Many great historical conversations have been going on over here!  A great ice breaker and family discussion piece!

History By Mail Monthly Subscription:  Okay, this is super cool.  You know I love telling you guys about subscription boxes.  Monthly is $6.99, 6 Month is $39.99, and 1 Year is $75.99.  What you get are these cool, high-quality replicas of stamps/envelopes/paper that include topics like inventions, wars, and diplomacy.  They are a great keepsake and collectible for a history enthusiast.

We received the police report, bus diagram, and fingerprint card from Rosa Parks’ arrest on 12/1/1955.  We also have a copy of the check for the purchase of Alaska (8/1/1868).  Also – a transcript of the letter from Annie Oakley to President McKinley (4/5/1898) and Eisenhower’s “Order of the Day” and a D=Day Platoon Leader sketch (6/9/1944).  Each is so nicely presented in plastic and so authentic!

Please check these great options out!