Review: Pigmint Arome Candles

I do love to burn a nice candle the minute the weather outside gets a bit crisp.  There is just something about the fall and candles…..

I also know that in a few weeks I need some great teacher gifts for the upcoming holidays and candles are a great option!  I was thrilled to receive a few samples from Pigmint Arome this week and wanted to share with you! These candles are the highest quality; hand poured from soy/coconut blended wax.  They are also made right here in the USA which is music to my ears!  Their CORE COLLECTION features amazing scents like Fig, Cedar, Musk, Mint, Currant, Jasmine and more.  The designs are just gorgeous and the scent combinations/infusions are so different you will be in heaven!

I was going to “gift” their Exotic Fig Candle ($46) but The second I opened the box I was like “hell no I’m keeping this”.  You get immediate hints of Fig, Hyacinth and Vanilla.  It is a great size and burns about 60 hours.  Also wanted to mention their Sunday Ritual Candle ($46).  This one is apple meets green tea meets bergamot, vanilla and more.  Honestly…so many delicious aromas mixed in here I do not even know what to say!  This is your “weekend read the paper” candle.

Please check out this great company; they have awesome diffusers and room mists too!