Great Gifts for New Moms

Santa Claus is coming to town and everyone is starting to stock up on gifts for their loved ones.  This holiday season, here are two gifts for new moms to help feed and put baby to sleep with ease.  We all know, or are, new/expecting moms, and nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a gift that will make motherhood just a little easier.  So stuff their stockings with the following:

Mina & Vine started as a Kickstarter campaign, and now are able to bring style, comfort, and versatility to nursing moms.  Using moisture wicking fabric that also helps regulate body temperature, the Mina & Vine scarf is a great addition to any mom’s wardrobe.  The multi-functional scarf can be work not only in different positions as a scarf, but also as a poncho, vest, shawl, or sash, converting ordinary to eye catching.  The different styling options are all thanks to their unique and innovative design of using magnets sewn into the liner in order to close it, making this more than just your average nursing scarf.  The vibrant prints are geared for mom, not baby, so this can be worn all day, and goes into the washing machine for easy cleaning.  They are very soft, and I like that because of the magnetic fasteners, in a pinch it can even be thrown on as a car seat cover or blanket!  A definite must have that came out just this year and is patent pending.  See more and order one today on

And now that baby is fed, mom is ready to relax!  So how to get the little angel to sleep while safe and snug?  The Sleepea by Happiest Baby is a lightweight swaddle for supporting safe sleep.  From Dr. Harvey Karp, the swaddle is made with 100% organic cotton, making this is a unique and easy way to swaddle your bundle of joy for a good night’s rest.  More than just a traditional sleep sack, when you unzip the top, there are velcro wings that wrap around securely to swaddle baby’s arms and truly make this the “5 second swaddle”.  The Sleepea can also unzip from the bottom, making it easy to do night time diaper changes without waking baby.  There are mesh vents on the top and bottom to make sure baby doesn’t overheat.  For babies who can roll over, there are arm holes that unsnap to allow for free movement.  Choose your Sleepea at and lay your baby down with piece of mind!

Kim Alsumiri is a Senior Writer who focuses on baby products and travel. A proud California native, she has a deep understanding of the needs of families with young children. With over 10 years of experience in the writing industry, Kim has a passion for finding and sharing the best products and experiences for parents and their little ones. She has also developed a strong interest in social issues related to parenting and child-rearing. As a mother of three young children, Kim knows firsthand the joys and challenges of raising a family. Her personal experience and love for travel allow her to offer valuable insights to her readers on the best places to go and things to do with kids in tow.

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