Meet OSMO For The Holidays!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting anything and everything holiday shopping ideas – here is my first and it’s an amazing one!  Meet OSMO; an amazing way to turn your child’s tablet into an educational tool that will have your child yearning to learn more!  My youngest put this to the test this weekend by checking out their new for 2019 “Little Genius Kit”.  The kit includes four games that will have your child creating, problem solving and learning in no time! This is great for ages 3-5.   Best part – they are having so much fun that as a parent, you won’t even mind the screen time.

The first game we tried was an ABC game – your kid will be building letters with sticks and rings that actually come to life on the screen – think improved vocabulary, phonics and learning what the letters look like!  We had our neighbor, a preschool student come over and play with it also and she was loving every second.

Second game we checked out was creating your own story through solving problems and creating the characters next move. Once again, what they create off screen comes to life on screen.  So super cute and also the game can be played over and over with a new story each time!  Imagination is infinite!

Next up and my personal favorite was “Squiggle Magic”.  I love a little fun and creative art time.  Whatever they choose to do with the squiggles and rings comes to life on the tablet.  Think motor skills, creative juices flowing and imagination!  Love this so so much!  Oh, and the fourth game “Costume Party” brings out your fashion designing skills.  You plan what the characters all are wearing.

You as the parent see the progress of your child right on the app.  I actually am hearing that some schools use OSMO as well.  The great thing is they also have genius kits and explorer kits which are suitable for kids up to 12 years old!  Talk about a product your child can grow with.

This costs about $79.00 and is a great holiday gift! Available on Amazon as well for simple shopping!


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