Great Items For Travel

Now that the world has opened back up (FINALLY) we can book our flights and vacations and head off for some fun!  We do have to be super careful however so we continue to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19.  Here are a few items we think are really great!

Bio-Kult Boosted Probiotic Supplement: this is an amazing supplement that targets your immune/digestive system.  It is great for alongside antibiotics and can be used daily.  The capsules can be mixed into a beverage, sprinkled over food or swallowed whole.  Such a great option to take to protect yourself as you travel and do things amongst the general public.

Airpop Masks: these masks will be your new mainstay.  They focus on efficacy, wearability, breathability and comfort.  You will honestly feel much more at ease wearing them since you don’t over=breath or feel suffocated at all.  Pricing is really reasonable and they have great color options for both adults and kids.  These will be a must for your carry-on bag.

Auntie Dolores Hand Sanitizer: this is hand sanitizer that combines ethyl alcohol,  full spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Organic MCT coconut oil and lemon/mint oils; in fact the scent is such a nice, light citrus mint.  This means it contains antiseptic to reduce bacteria while the CBD Oil helps keep your hands soft and moisturized.  The MCT coconut oil helps support your bodies ability to fight off viruses/bacteria/fungus.  This is your all in one bottle of protection.  A must for your handbag.

PlaneAire Wipes: these wipes are just awesome.  I legit take them everywhere.  They are surface cleaning wipes that are made with 6 essential oils, aloe vera and other plant-derived ingredients.  Before I touch common area surfaces I grab one of these wipes and do a quick clean.  This is perfect for restaurant tables, airplane trays/belt buckles and more!  For the kids we are LOVING their Yipes! Wipes Canister.  Same concept; made with plant=derived ingredients an great for backpacks, lunchboxes and really any on-the-go experience.  I actually keep a canister right in my car in case I need one.

Check out these great items that will help protect your family!