Priya Ovulation and Fertility Monitor

Do you want to take control of your fertility??  Well I did so I started doing some research after month after month going by with negative at home pregnancy test results.  Priya is this amazing personal fertility sensor with app that helps you get the job done by monitoring your core temperature.  From there their software analyzes your temperature and predicts your best “fertile window”.

I know this is awkward; but the sensor was very easy to insert.  I actually will admit I really didn’t know it was there.  I basically waited for the last day of my period and paired the sensor with the easy to download app on my phone.  From there you are tracking your core temperature and the app will let you know when you have hit your optimal fertile zone.

I am honestly so impressed with this system.  I would completely recommend it to anyone who is tired of waiting.  Right now they have a 25% off (PriyaFF25) special so your 2 month subscription/package would cost $149.25, 6 months would be $246.75 and 12 months just $336.25.  Each option comes with the sensor and then the plan you need via the app.  You can also start and pause the subscription if you need to and add months after your time period is up if desired.

This is super impressive technology!  Check it out for yourself!