Did you know somebody studied where we stand in the elevator?

Where to stand in an elevator

There is an interesting duplication of effort you’ll see in this photo. A lot of elevators have done this throughout Covid, sticking stickers in each corner to help people know to stand in the corner of the elevator. What is funny to me is it is a common process for every person, when they walk in an elevator, to actually stand in the corner.

In fact, nearly 40 years ago somebody actually did a study about it. They studied the fact that when entering an elevator, people stood in each corner just by human nature. 

Have you ever entered an elevator and seen any results except a standard back left, back right, front left, front right? Once the elevator gets crowded enough, there is this awkward moment of panic where people look at each other confused about where to go.

But now Covid has brought another level of self-protection and now we are reminding people of the basic human nature to stand in the corner in an elevator.

I am not saying it’s a bad thing, because I think anything which helps the stupid of society realize the basics of social distance is a good thing. But of course, the fact of this concept brought me to a study from 40 years ago…a study that still holds true. Oh well, I found that concept pretty funny.

So please stand in your corner!

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