Most Expensive Products to Buy on Amazon

Well, Amazon is great for some last minute shopping, but what if you’re hungry to spend 100k or more!  Maybe those stimulus checks came in and you’re the kind of Mom who thinks, “My family really needs a $100k present”.

Who knows, maybe you’re just hungry to spend your Platinum Black and the Cyber Monday deals just bored you.  I mean, please, what kind of Mom buys their kids a $40 toy when there are 6-figure products to buy? Does your hubbie like baseball? Why buy him a baseball cap when you can buy a $100k baseball card!

Below are our top pics for the most expensive items on Amazon.


$131,000 for RugSource.  I mean this is one hell of a rug. Did you ever want to buy a rug that basically does it all? Here it is. It lies on the ground. It decorates your room. It’s a rug.







The title says,”Finest” Babe Ruth…and this is the best!  It’s a baseball and it’s signed by Babe Ruth.







$181,125. If my husband bought me this, I would not so much be happy but concerned ever so slightly that he could’ve bought a house.







108,000 for a watch. I mean my iPhone does it, but why not have a watch!






169k for a necklace.  Again, you can buy me a car, but if you have this, I’m game.





Can somebody explain what a Daum Crystal is? It’s $50,000 so I’m just wondering.






We are in a pandemic so to prepare for the inevitable war, you can wear some chinese armor.







Roberto Clemente is on a baseball card.  For $125k he can be your friend too!




This is a Daum Crystal statue, but not like that cheap one above.  Who needs that one! This is $280k