GreenPod Single Serve Coffee Review

image of packaged greenpod coffee

Listen, we are all super busy.  And using all these single-use products certainly makes our day go by more efficiently. But, they all carry such a negative garbage situation.  In my house, we jumped right into this “coffee pod life.”  It seemed to be faster and ready when we each needed/wanted it. It also stopped that leftover half a pot of coffee we tossed down the drain each day. I am very excited about being able to try out GreenPod Single Serve Coffee Pods that are 100% compostable and small-batch, specialty coffee.

GreenPods are made with no plastic at all!  These pods are nitrogen flushed (provides a longer storage life) and are sealed super quick after grinding so you know you are getting a very fresh cup!

GreenPods are compatible with Keurig-style brewers.   My one fear was that I wasn’t going to find the coffee to be as good a quality and strength as my other favorite brands.  No fear here is needed.  These are really, really good!  My husband and I are really enjoying it! Different strength options are available – check them out!

GreenPod Coffee is good coffee, with the same ease of use and you are NOT hurting the environment or producing more waste!