Rowdy Energy Drinks



Who needs some extra energy to get through their crazy, busy working, kids, activities, and dinner “hectic” day?!?  Um…. basically everyone. Check out the awesome and yummy beverages from Rowdy Energy and you will be armed with the extra “Umph” you both need and crave.

Each can contains about 12 times the potassium as compared with other brands of sports drinks.  This comes without the extra added sodium, I want to mention. That is key to me. The sodium is quite literally what I personally do not like about other sports drinks.  That “salty taste.”

These drinks are infused with vitamins and are both vegan-friendly and keto approved, so just all over better for you. The caffeine is natural. It comes from green tea which means you get that boost you so desperately need without that crash later on.

You will also focus better because they contain L-theanine.  I tried a few so far and have not felt any of the jitters that I typically do with other brand energy drinks I have sampled.

So many great flavor options like blue raspberry, mango dragonfruit, cherry limeade (my favorite), strawberry lemonade, grape, watermelon, orange citrus, sour apple, cotton candy, and more!

Check out Rowdy Energy today!