Gynecologist Practice Releases Spotify Playlists

gynecologist spotify

A  gynecologist practice in New Jersey just released playlists on Spotify, and I am so confused.

To jump right into the facts, there are two playlists, one for Labor and Delivery and one for Female Empowerment.  Right now, there are 9 and 15 followers, respectively, but will this all go viral and create a new fan base?

My questions are now:

1. Did somebody actually have a meeting about this? Did somebody actually say, “You know what the women who come to this practice need…”

“Universal Health Care?  Women’s Rights? Roe v Wade Codified?”

“No! Groovy Jams!”

2. Who chose the songs for this? Was this a committee situation, or did somebody unilaterally make these choices?

3. Has any patient reported having listened to the power of the new music during birth? I’m so curious about the feedback in this situation.

4. Was this done at the request of some patients?  Did they say: “My birth is going well, but I think the tunes really would make a difference.”

5. Did they simply skip over the idea of music for a pap smear? I feel like that was the right opportunity for musical collaboration, and I’m frankly disappointed that the ball was dropped in this case.

6. Was this actually effective? How many patients are now pulling up to be part of the hip practice with the Spotify playlist?

7. Was any part of this done facetiously? Was this considered a good idea at the time and a serious endeavor or was it considered so ridiculous that it just might work?

8. Have I now actually fallen prey to the brilliance of the project, and my writing about it in and of itself has now encouraged it further?

What is your reaction, and am I alone in being confused?

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