Halo Headband by Unequal

My families new Halo Headband from Unequal is truly a lifesaver.  This band is totally adjustable, fits snugly and super comfy to your head all while providing a crucial 360 degree impact protection to your loved one!  I couldn’t get over how lightweight and breathable the fabric is!  It worked super well with the running and sweating that comes with being active.  The Halo Headband complies with Fifa Law4 and is tested to ASTM standards.  Products from Unequal are ready for a fight as they come with built-in “Kevlar” (stronger than steel fiber) and “Accelleron” (cushioning shock absorption).  This dynamic duo actually confuses the high impact energy caused by collision away from your body.  Viola!  You are reducing your risk of injury; this product quite literally has you in safe hands.  This is truly the extra layer of protection everyone needs against concussions and “heading the ball”.  Suggested sports use include field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.

The Halo Headband comes in an array of vibrant colors and patterns (we tested dark pink and love how bright it is!) and costs around $29.95.  For more information and to purchase this and other innovative products from Unequal please visit unequal.com.  halo headband

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