Princess Cupcake Jones Book Series

Author Ylleya Fields created the sassy Princess Cupcake Jones book series for her eldest daughter.  She was the inspiration for the book; combining her personality and her physical features.  My daughter and I had the pleasure this weekend of enjoying the first two novels in the series: Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu as well as Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go To School.  Not only did I enjoy hearing my child read me each and every word; I adored the sassy adventure of Cupcake Jones.  Each of these beautifully illustrated books (Michael LaDuca) has a life lesson messaged encased within.  In Missing Tutu when Cupcake cannot find her favorite tutu, she realizes by tidying up she finds other amazing things in the process.  As a mom with a child with a perpetual messy toy room; this book spoke volumes to us.  In Won’t Go To School, Cupcake doesn’t want to attend her first day of school: the unknown can be scary and she tries everything from faking illness to hiding from her mom!  When she finally makes it up the steps of the school, she meets a new friend Violet and learns this could be the greatest adventure ever!
Fields also cleverly places the hidden word Love within each page’s images in Missing Tutu and it was super fun to have a scavenger hunt with my daughter after we ready the book.  We cannot wait to read the next book in the series Queens Closet!

For more information about the series, author, illustrator and to purchase books and additional fun themed items please visit  The books retail for around $15.95; they can also be purchased on

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