Sand Gone

Who hasn’t been loving the beach this summer? My kids cannot get enough and I am so relaxed when I am there.  I will say that I am not always thrilled with the sand that comes home with me.  I was super excited to try out Sand Gone, the miracle powder that removes sand and leaves your skin soft and refreshed.  I am addicted to its fragrance; a light hint of coconut and I find myself using this product daily “just because”.  Sand Gone is talc and toxin free.  The extremely easy to package jar comes with a “powder puff” for easy on-the-go application. Note to self: the applicator is washer and dryer safe!   I just don’t see how after trying this fabulous product one could ever go to the beach without it again.

Sand Gone is available for purchase by visiting  You can purchase an 8oz jar for $16.95 and they offer super cute gift sets (beach bag, 8 oz jar, 2 oz purse jar, handmade coconut soap for $36.00) or the honeymoon suite case (wicker case with (2) 8 oz jar, (2) 2 oz jar, handmade coconut almond soap and lip balm for $56.00).  Any of these fine options will have you on your way to summer success!

sand gone

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