Handmade Beauty Box

If you are like me you are always looking for cute and different gift ideas for friends, teachers, assistants, or family members.  Maybe even a treat for yourself!  Take a few moments and appeal to their (or your!) inner craft goddess and check out “Handmade Beauty Box”.  The company an ingenious subscription service that will each month (or however you set up the service: one at a time or even 3 month or 12 month increments) send the recipient awesome high-end spa and beauty projects.  Take time for yourself and make your own lotions, lipsticks, nail polish, makeup creams, candles, scrubs and more!

The cost varies with your subscription choice (monthly $31.50, 3 month $29.99, 12 month $28.79).  This price includes all instructions and pre-measured ingredients needed; you can visit their website (handmadebeautybox.com) for additional video tutorials and cool modifications for the recipes.  CEO Anne-Marie Faiola tests each and every recipe herself for safety and ease!  It was a super treat for myself and my daughter to check out June’s Beauty Box where we learned how to make vanilla bean candles!  And we did NOT stop there; we decided to check the website for their unique blog and today we are on the way to creating a candle gift for grandma with a hidden message!  I also read up on other consumer’s comments for extra ideas and tips that really worked!  If you happen to love the month’s choice and want to make more, you can purchase refills as well!  One little pink box has inspired me!  Visit Facebook and Twitter for even more fun ideas and craft conversations.  I will admit I am a little addicted to the crafty tweets!  Please visit handmadebeautybox.com for more information!

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