Mister Pompadour Beeswax Paste

Men out there: looking for something to tame that summer frizzy hair? Love going to the beach but do not love the hair that comes with it? My household gave the beeswax paste by Mister Pompadour a try this week and we “adore the pompadour” to quote my poetic son.  I would say the worst part about products meant to keep your hair in line is the fact that most of them are sticky and end up making you look like you cemented your hair to your head.  In addition, for my son, he hates when his hair is super stiff and he always complains his head bothers him all day long.  This beeswax paste is truly awesome!  It held my son’s spikes all day with no stickiness, no residue and no hard crunch feeling.  He actually said he forgot the product was in his hair!  My husband always complains that most men’s products carry a feminine fragrance.  Not the case here: it was super manly.  Both the men in my life had hair that stayed styled, had a great shine and no texture issues at all.  The product is all natural and contains no alcohol, parabens or sodium chloride.  No worries that you will damage your hair with everyday use.  The paste retails for $17.50 making it the new favorite in our house.  Please visit misterpompadour.com for more info and to make a purchase.  The website has a great style blog with tips and suggestions.

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