Rudolph’s Pork Rind Snacks

Snack lovers of the internet: for your “salt tooth” please check out pork rind snacks by Rudolph’s.  The family history rich company has been bringing us yummy snacks for over 50 years using Mary Rudolph’s secret recipe. Back in 1957, desperate to keep their business afloat, Mary (wife of founder John Rudolph) came up with the two-step process still in use today.    A unique 4 minute process brings you from pork rind pellet to popped pork rind to bagged pork rind locking in the freshness you expect.  They are the leader in pork rinds and when you taste them as we just did you will certainly see why.

Options include “original”, “hot and spicy” and “bold BBQ” and each one was so rich in flavor you simply can’t get away with trying just one.  My family packed both original and “hot and spicy” in our beach bag this past weekend and they kept our snack cravings in check for the entire afternoon.  I was surprised how flavorful the hot and spicy was; you could taste hints of chili peppers, paprika and even garlic!  You can tell the difference a family recipe makes; these were not your run of the mill snack.  They were rich in spice, zest, flavor and history!  We will definitely be repeat customers!  And it is totally ok to eat the whole bag as they all have 0 carbs and 0 trans fats.  We definitely want to try out their cinnamon twists and onion rings as well!  Definitely visit to purchase these flavorful snacks and don’t forget to check out their blog.  It is filled with awesome recipe ideas: I just literally copied a recipe for “chocolate covered rinds” that I know sounds like two things that do not belong together but I cannot wait to give them a try!  Other interesting ideas include crushing them to make a breading and even adding them to your next homemade grilled cheese!

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