Happy Earth Apparel

image of Happy Earth beanie and t-shirt

image of Happy Earth Astral Forest graphic tee

Happy Earth is a company that produces responsibly made products with sustainable materials, and always gives back.

The reversible green mint beanie and black t-shirt are both made with soft, breathable organic cotton. The beanie is reversible and you can wear it slouched or folded (cuffed or uncuffed). The fit and fabric are fabulous. The beanie is very stretchable, however, you can wash it on a wash/dry cycle which will re-shrink it if necessary.

Happy Earth has designed the Astral Forest t-shirt, as well as its other products, with comfort in mind no matter what adventure you have planned. The t-shirt has a design on the front and back. I love the peaceful winter starry night sky design.

For every item sold the company gives the consumer a choice on where to give back.

The purchaser can choose to –

  • clean up trash
  • fight climate change
  • plant trees

The company dedicates itself to giving back.  It always aims to keep the planet healthy.

In addition to making a positive impact, they are fighting climate change by being carbon neutral. Each item has a “carbon cost,” which is the amount of carbon dioxide created to manufacture and ship an item to its final destination. They buy “carbon offsets” by supporting projects that prevent carbon dioxide emissions, which balances out the carbon dioxide they create. This ensures that they – and you – aren’t hurting the planet with your purchase.

The products are nice, good quality, and save the planet. This is a win-win for me!