Glo-Up Girls Erin

image of Glo-Up girls Erin in package with Style Me Fashions and Accessories

Is this the new Barbie? Erin, of the GLO-UP Girls, is fashionable, stylish, and trendy. Erin is also clever, street-smart, strong-willed, and independent. She’s very social and chatty with her friends.     

There are six GLO-UP Girls and they’re all friends with unique personalities, styles, and awesome aspirations. The Glo Square is made up of Rose, Alex, Kenzie, Erin, Tiffany, and Sadie.    

Erin has long, soft hair that is half black and half red. Her outfit is cute and shimmery. The colors of her outfit are vibrant. Great accessories, such as hair gems, stickers, lipstick, nail color, makeup,  jewelry, and more are included. Get creative while having fun exploring the different styles.

The Glo-Up Girls are a nice holiday gift idea for young kids. They are articulate, bendable, and full of surprises. Great for an interactive, fantasy play toy. Kids can switch up the look of the doll, or use the accessories for themselves and the doll. The nail and lip color changes in cold water.

The doll feels like a good quality product. This is a pretty and interactive doll for hours of playtime ahead.

Far Out Toys, the maker of Glo-Up Girls, is a full-scale global company that has partnered with many retailers. They are up on the new trends and styles for kids.

Erin would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.

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