Happypop Socks

I’m still working feverishly on my perfectly tailored gifts for all the loved ones on my list. I love finding new and uniquely awesome items and I am thrilled to let you know about Happypop Socks!  This company offers socks for men, women and kids in some many cool designs and themes.  I am loving their gift box offerings!  For just about $12.00 – $20.00 you get a box of up to 5 pairs in cute options like space, pets, food, animals, holidays, emojis and more.  They offer both long and ankle socks as options so no matter how picky the kid you will be able to find something they are comfortable with.  I cannot wait to give my little one the box of space socks I received to try out.  They are so well made; super soft cotton and very stretchy.  I was so happy with the box that I started looking for options for the adults on my list as well.  They offer socks that fit hobbies, games careers and more!  Even just amazing colorful argyles for the business person in your life.  I’m telling you they are comfy, vibrant and really different.  The presentation of the socks folded in the box makes it easy on your holiday stressing.  Just scoop them up, wrap them and slap on a bow.  

Grab Happypop socks now for everyone on your list!  You can pay with paypal as an option which makes it easier!  They have discounts available on their website!


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