Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Provides Safety and Security for Child and Parent

It’s always nerve wracking putting your infant down to sleep, especially when you have your first and have all the warnings about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) going through your head.  Add to that if your child was a premie, or born with any sort of breathing impairment, and your anxiety sky rockets.  The Owlet Smart Sock and Cam combo offers a way to monitor the safety of your child and provides peace of mind for any parent.  The combo box set includes: Smart Sock Sensor, Fabric Sock Kit, Base Station, Owlet Cam and Magnetic Base, Wall Mounting Kit with Cable Guards, Power Adapters, USB Power Cables, and the Owlet App instructions.

The Owlet Smart Sock has sensors that track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.  It sends information to the base station and then your phone that notifies you if your child’s heart rate and/or oxygen levels go to low or too high.  While the Owlet system can not prevent SIDS, it can be helpful to notify parents when something is off while their child is sleeping.  The Smart Sock is very soft and easy to wrap onto baby’s foot on either side.  Using the Owlet app, you can keep track of your baby’s live levels through a secure and encrypted WiFi.

The Owlet Cam allows for two way audio so you can listen to and talk to your baby.  The high definition picture is 1080p and add that to the 130 degree wide angle lens, the Owlet Cam gives you a clear and detailed view of your precious angel.  It has night vision, so even at night you can see just as clear as you can in the daytime.  I really liked that unlike a lot of other baby cams that connect to a phone app, the Owlet app plays the audio from your camera in the background, allowing you to use other apps without losing the connection to your baby.  The Owlet Cam is a vital tool that can be used well past when your baby would need the Smart Sock, making this combo pack a wise investment.  I fully appreciate the security that the Owlet system provides, both for my new baby and that I will be able to use different pieces of it as she grows.  The system is also very small and compact, so it is easy to travel with when visiting relatives.  Get more information and order your Owlet Smart Sock and Cam on https://owletcare.com/.


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