My 2020 Girl Powered Planner!

I love a gift that actually teaches my teenager about girl power!  I just got to check out the new 2020 Girl Powered Planner by MissHeard Media and it is my favorite gift I will be giving so far!  My teen will be organized, on time for obligations (LOL) and learn some cool facts all at the same time.  This is the gift of 365 days of young women (25 and under) who changed American history!  Feeling inspired? The planner also offers fun ideas and suggestions you can do at home.  Areas of female power interest include the world of literature, music, poetry, science, sports, politics and even technology.

I have to be honest; planners like this really appeal to me.  Even though we are in a world of phones/apps/tablets etc, I really prefer to hold the book in my hands and actually write out my list of “to do’s”.  This is a super stylish 118 page book (5×7) and will absolutely fit in your purse or backpack.  I think my favorite part is the checking out these inspirational stories especially on a day that I am having a tough time.  They bring me right back down to earth and I know that I am a successful career woman and my teenage daughter is ready to face the day and whatever challenges head her way.  Oh and the back cover very appropriately says “The Future is Female.  Plan Accordingly”.  How damn awesome is that?!

The planner costs $18.00 and is easily available on their shopify site.  There is also a super great download free upon purchase.  It contains so many great extras like book and movie suggestions, marathon TV shows and more!  Please consider this as a must on your shopping list!    

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