The Gracious Gobbler- the Gratitude Tradition Every Family Needs

The holidays are coming up, and I am a staunch lover and defender of Thanksgiving.  I refuse to put anything Christmas up until after Thanksgiving, and I love when I can find things to help celebrate the holiday of gratitude and remembering our blessings.  It’s been a extremely stressful and overwhelming year so far, so it might seem hard to think about anything to be thankful for.  This makes The Gracious Gobbler even more important this year, and is the perfect gift for every family, and a tradition that will help bring a small spark to each day.  The Gracious Gobbler Bundle includes the namesake book, plush turkey, and notecards.  Kids will be thrilled with the soft and squeezable turkey that will be the newest addition for the month, ducking out right before Thanksgiving so he doesn’t become the main course!

The Gracious Gobbler, written by Megan Delgado and illustrated by Gabriela Moreno, is an adorable book that explains your new pal, the turkey, that will hang out for the month of November.  The turkey, who your kids can name, is in the house as a reminder to be mindful of how you can be helpful and kind as well as to be aware of being grateful for others and things they do.  The book is meant to be read in the beginning to introduce the new housemate and tradition.  Each night the turkey will leave a note for the next morning thanking someone in the home for something nice, taking turns recognizing family members and their positive actions and attributes.

Helping kids recognize and learn the importance of being thankful and mindful of how they treat others is needed, and The Gracious Gobbler is a cute way to do it, even with the youngest of kids.  It’s also a nice reminder to take a moment to be grateful for all the little things for us older folks who are tired and beat from having to work, take care of the kids/teach while most schools are virtual right now, manage the household, bills, and all the added stress with the pandemic and politics swirling around.  Taking a few moments each day as a family, reminding everyone why they are special/loved/appreciated, and injecting some positivity is so needed and will be precious moments that build memories and an ongoing family tradition.  The Gracious Gobbler will be the holiday gift that continues to give, year after year, and one that you will be thankful for.  If you’re not sold already, The Gracious Gobbler company also donates a portion of proceeds to charities that promote literacy or food programs for kids.  So get prepped for Thanksgiving and get your stretchy pants on and order your Gobbler now at