Healthy Brownies – Eat Me Guilt Free!

Yup, you read that correctly; this is you getting to eat delicious snacks with ZERO guilt.  Eat Me Guilt Free brings you low-carb, protein-packed, yummy sweet snacks that you can really enjoy!  These are healthy brownies and cakes without artificial sweeteners that are safe to eat at any time of the day.  This means satisfying delicious sweet treats while you keep your healthy, lean physique.  

We’ve been trying an array of their great baked goods.  The chocolate brownie is to die for.  It is under 200 calories per serving and high in protein.  This is your “get through the mid-day office slump” or “what can I eat at 9 PM” go-to.  My daughter is loving the birthday cake brownie option; same yumminess, same 200 calories per serving.  This could be a great little celebratory snack for any occasion without feeling the intense after-indulgence guilt.  I have always been a fan of red velvet cake so I am thrilled to tell you how great the red velvet brownies are.  So soft, and full of amazing white chocolate chips.  The teenage dancers that I run a carpool for love the cotton candy blondie after a crazy dance session.  These are colorful blondies perfect for your next dessert table!

Eat Me Guilt Free has many other options as well and you can buy gift boxes or subscribe so you never run out!  These healthy brownies are kind of addictive I warn you!  So good!