Munchpak – A kid’s review

MunchPakMunchpak is a snack subscription box that sends u snacks from around the world each month. You can pick from sizes of 5, 10 and 20 snacks. you can even choose to add a soda from a different country as well. Unlike other snack boxes each box comes with snacks from a variety of different countries in comparison to one country each month.

The box also comes with a booklet to explain where each of the snacks are from and what allergens are in each snacks.this month we got snacks ranging from tomato chips from the United Kingdom to gummies from Japan; so there  is  always something for everyone.

Our favorites were the Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple Chews from the United Kingdom which are just the right amount of sour and the Crown Churros from South Korea which are like a crunchy version of churros. I never expected to like churros from South Korea. The most interesting one we tried was the Black Thunder Bliss of Butter which was crispy and soft and the same time. Overall the munchpak snack subscription box is a great gift for foodies and travelers and for anyone who likes trying new and cool snacks.

(reviewed by 14 year old Caterina)