Healthy Cleaning Products

In Covid times, I’m all about cleaning the house of course. That said, I found I was getting a bit sick of using the harsh chemicals like bleach.  We’re trying to keep healthy so finding alternatives to rough chemicals makes a difference.  If you’d like to keep your house clean and you want to do it with some healthy products, these might be some good options for you!



Clean Freak

Clean Freak’s cleaning solution smells to me like winter on steroids. Do you like your counter smelling as if you just baked holiday cookies?  The clove, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils make it clear that this is a house to be cleaned the natural way, and this is the house that loves Christmas.





Clean Well

Something about lemon makes a house feel spotless and fresh. If you read Clean Well’s Ingredient list, you’ll see that these guys are serious about cleaning. I also love the wipes because I prefer something natural than the traditional Clorox wipes.







Good Clean Cleaner

Good Clean Cleaner comes with a container and concentrate which allows you to reuse the bottle. I have seen more companies providing reusable bottles in this green cleaning movement. You buy these little capsules that turn into a cleaning solution with a few shakes of the bottle.  Plus, this, in particular, is all-natural, so an excellent alternative.







Aunt Fannie

Aunt Fannie seems to love vinegar. It is of course one of the best natural cleaning products so we love how these products work. Besides cleaning products Aunt Fannie makes Flypunch! which effectively catches pesky fruit flies. I left the flypunch! out on my kitchen counter and can attest to the fact that after a day or two I was quite disturbed by how many flies were in my kitchen that I did not even know existed.