Simple Syrup And Really Cool Coffee!

Guys I have to say that one good thing that has come out of this pandemic has been my ability to just sit back and enjoy making things at home.  I was so quick in the past to get all my nutrition for the work week pretty much while “on the road”.  Now this whole “taking time to smell the roses” is making me learn how to actually use the items in my kitchen.  Here are some cool items to help you prepare a few beverages that will soon become your favorites!

Pink House Alchemy: this amazing company is bringing the best in simple syrups, bitters.  These are made old school style with fresh fruits, bark, roots, herbs and botanicals.  I am LOVING their Lavender Simple Syrup; the ingredients are just pure cane sugar, whole lavender flowers and lactic acid.  This is $13 and the aroma will blow your mind.  You can mix with seltzer or even make an adult beverage with gin or champagne.

Tentera Pour Over Coffee Bag:  this is coffee that once you try you will never go back.  Couldn’t be easier; you simply shake, pull/hook the filter bag over your favorite mug and then pour hot water in.  Let the java drip for a few moments and then enjoy.  If you are a serious coffee drinker I am about to make your day.  This is super quality and involves zero equipment.  Very portable and travel friendly.  No waste; you brew what you are going to drink.  All natural ingredients.  Price is ridiculous good.

Check these both out!