Heat Holders Thermal Socks

How about a little Christmas in July?!?  I know… but I just got my hands on these amazing thermal socks from Heat Holders and I think you should prepare now and grab a few pairs for the upcoming colder weather.  These are seriously comfortable socks that are so warm; actually 7 times warmer than normal cotton socks.   You don’t have to deal with the electric or battery operated nonsense either; just put them on and go!

Why are they so warm?? Well that is because they are made with this Japanese designed thermal yarn that handles insulation and moisture management all in one.  They are made with this crazy intense brushing so they retain maximum warm air.  They can easily be worn all day and you will always be comfortable.  I also want to mention that they don’t feel thick or awkward in your shoe or boot like other thick socks do.

These would be great also for anyone wo works outdoors (first responders, construction etc.)  Oh and great for late in the year camping or fishing excursions.  They come in a variety of styles and colors for men/women/kids.  Check them out!  Think upcoming trips, foul weather and of course holiday shopping/stocking stuffers!