Magformers- Ice Cream Shop

The Ice Cream Shop set from Magformers is a terrific way to introduce magnetic building to kids and embrace their imagination and creativity. This is set is part of an even bigger set called the Town Set. You can purchase additional shops and buildings that include a hospital, mart, and bank. The directions to build the ice cream shop were simple and it was easy to guide my son while we built it together. The ice cream shop comes complete with the ability to build the actual shop along with a tiny chair, table, and person to keep the engagement going. There is some flexibility with how to build the shop and my son was able to customize it the way he wanted to. The magnetic strength of these pieces is much stronger than other magnetic toys I have purchased in the past. My son has a bit of a challenging time pulling them apart when they are in a pile, but it does keep whatever structure he is building together well. Overall, this set kept my son busy and engaged for quite some time. I can appreciate how this company creates these sets to enhance brain development in children. My younger child who is a year old had fun playing with the pieces and learning how they connect to each other.