Highwave Products: Good for You and the Planet

Trying to “reduce the carbon footprint”; “reduce, reuse, recycle”; “go green”.  All things that for years we have been preaching, but sometimes it is not so easy to incorporate into every day life consistently.  Not with the hustle and bustle that comes with working, kids, family, and trying to balance it all.  Highwave is a company, that since 1983, has looked to provide innovative products that promote sustainability for humans, animals, and the planet.  I was highly impressed with their wide variety of reusable products including very chic wine glasses, beer glasses, and travel mugs.  Two of the products that really caught my interest were the EarthLid and the AutoDogMug Leak-Tight.

Highwave’s EarthLid is their solution for the very real problem of plastic waste caused by the one time use coffee cups lids.  With plastic waste ending up in our oceans and adding to pollution, a silicone lid that is reusable is a great idea!  The EarthLid comes in different colors and fit most 12, 16, and 20oz coffee cups.  It has a detachable strap that plugs the air and drink hole to make sure no precious caffeine is wasted rushing to work.  Since it is dishwasher and microwave safe, it makes it easy to clean and there are no worries if the coffee needs a quick reheat.  It comes in a little pouch that makes it easy to keep in a gym bag, purse, or even glove box so it is on hand and ready to use.

The AutoDogMug Leak-Tight is a nice option to help your canine companion stay as hydrated as you while on the go.  I appreciated that it came with an attached carabiner clip, making it easy to attach to a bag, leash, belt loop, or stroller.  The reusable plastic bottle has a wide bowl on top with a twist valve, allowing you to squeeze water up from the bottle into the bowl and twist to shut it.  Once your dog is finished drinking, there is no need to waste the water, because you can then twist open the stopper and the water goes back into the bottle for later.  No more carrying around a bowl and tossing any water your dog doesn’t drink!  The vale ensures a tight seal making sure that there is no leakage even if it is thrown in a bag while traveling.  It is very easy to use, and even my cats decided to give it a try to quench their thirst.

Check out more of the earth-friendly Highwave products to meet your daily needs at https://highwave.com/.


Kim Alsumiri is a Senior Writer who focuses on baby products and travel. A proud California native, she has a deep understanding of the needs of families with young children. With over 10 years of experience in the writing industry, Kim has a passion for finding and sharing the best products and experiences for parents and their little ones. She has also developed a strong interest in social issues related to parenting and child-rearing. As a mother of three young children, Kim knows firsthand the joys and challenges of raising a family. Her personal experience and love for travel allow her to offer valuable insights to her readers on the best places to go and things to do with kids in tow.

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