Today Glitter was our glitter today!

Where are my crafty and makeup girls?!?  My daughter literally has bins/buckets/drawers etc where you can find sequins, pipe cleaners, glue, stickers – you name it she has it.  She spends any money she earns here at home at our local craft store.  And I ADORE her creativity.  Let’s talk glitter… Today Glitter to be exact.  A fun new addition to our craft collection that is super cool.  This is the world’s first 100% plastic free glitter!  What no one realizes is that after the beauty and the creations, traditional glitter (made from microplastics) takes upwards of 200 years to biodegrade.  This also leads to marine animals consuming it which ultimately signs their death sentence.  The biodegrade time on Today’s Glitter is about 30 days!  How awesome is that!!

You simply must feel this glitter – it is so soft to the touch.  The product is perfect for all artists – think arts and crafts and make up.  Super easy to apply no matter what you are trying to accomplish.  I had a little bit of fun with glitter around the eyes this past weekend.  I had no problem applying it and was happy to know that what I was wearing on my body was plant derived and not toxic.  I love me a product that is totally safe for all!  Please check them out! Such a win-win for the cosmetics industry and more!


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