Sprout Organic Saves Parents, Nurtures Kids

With so many choices on the market for baby food, you can end up staring at an aisle full of labels that claim to be the best.  Add to that sleep deprivation and worrying about all the chemicals, additives, and recalls lately, it’s stressful!  All parents only want the best for their babies, so why is that so hard to ask for?  Thankfully, Sprout Organic has everything parents look for, as well as some added goodies you didn’t even know you needed!  From baby food to teetherz, to toddler snacks, Sprout has something for every stage of development for your child that supports positive and healthy growth.

For me, the Sprout Puffs were a must in my household and that came above the toilet paper on the shopping list.  We tried every flavor and my kid did not snub any of them.  She even had to fight off the cats at times because they were that tempting. Sprout’s new Teetherz Baby Teething Wafers are another great option.  I liked that they are individually wrapped with two in a package, making it easy to throw one into your purse or diaper bag to have on hand for an emergency.  They are quick dissolving, Gluten Free, and contain no artificial anything.  As a first time mom, it was daunting to know when my daughter was ready for a Teetherz, but Sprout has that covered with a list of signs your child is ready.  They are made with organic Jasmine rice flour, veggies, and fruits, so even when my daughter wanted more than two, I didn’t hesitate knowing she was getting a healthy snack.

The Sprout Organic Baby Food pouches were also a staple, they are perfect for on the go and, as a parent who decided to make all my daughter’s baby food, I didn’t feel guilty utilizing these.  I loved that they labeled the Stages (1, 2, 3 and Toddler) so as a new parent I would know exactly which ones I was supposed to get.  Certified USDA Organic, it was reassuring that I could pronounce all the ingredients and they hold true to their philosophy: “Only Real, Honest, and Pure Ingredients.”  With flavors such as Butternut Carrot and Apple (flavored with beef broth), Homestyle Vegetables and Pear (flavored with chicken broth), and Blueberry Banana Oatmeal, we were able to give her a wide range of tastes.  For babies with some sensitivities, they are Gluten Free and contain no preservatives or concentrates. Sprout Organic also has a line of Smoothie pouches which include some dairy free options.  Sprout includes veggies and flax seed in their smoothie options, so kids are getting a balanced treat without realizing it.  They are great cold or at room temperature.

A new Sprout Organic product I am excited about are the Wafflez- a new take on the Belgium waffle as a toddler snack.  They are individually wrapped for ease while out and about.  Wafflez are made with whole fruits and European stone ground wheat flour, organic whole eggs so they are filling as well as healthy.  As with all Sprout Organic products, they are certified USDA Organic and are non-GMO.  They look and smell just as good as they taste- delicious!

So, next time you need to go shopping and are worried about the quality of your child’s snacks, don’t stress because Sprout Organic has everything you need for your growing child.  Available online or in stores, there is no added hassle in order to feed your baby or toddler the best.

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