At Home (Home Decor Superstore)

I love me a good home décor shopping trip.  I mean, I don’t really need the pillows and holiday decorations but I still can’t help myself and have to buy more.  At Home Superstore is this awesome chain of stores that offer amazing prices on all sorts of home furnishings to make your décor the envy of your block!  I am enjoying a few new items here in my house and I must say we are LOVING them.  I have the coolest Mermaid Gold/Silver sequins pillow which by the magic of your own hands turns the sequins from gold to silver.  I literally can draw with my fingers on the pillow and change the color from gold to silver and back again to gold!  I love how shiny and pretty my couch is looking and the kids are adoring the creativity the pillow allows.  The pillow costs only $19.99 and is available in color combos like gold/silver, gold/teal, black/red etc.

For the den or even patio table I am loving my new 16 inch American Flag Wooden Tray.  It is super well made and has a great rustic feel I adore adding to my décor and theme.  Also priced at $19.99 you certainly do not have to spend a fortune to have nice things.  Please make sure to check out their great website for products ranging from furniture, to accents and more.


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