The Moodsters

I truly love a toy meets social-emotional learning.  In holiday shopping terms, this means I found you guys a great toy that the preschooler/kindergartener in your life will love playing with / identifying with all the while learning such a valuable lesion in the social/emotional world.  The Moodsters are the perfect team of characters to help your child learn all about the emotions they feel each day in a safe and super enjoyable way!  My household sampled a few of their great product options these last few days and I have to say each one is an amazing complement to what they are learning in class!  Here is the deal: the “Moodster” team consists of: “Lolly” who is hugging happy companion, “Snorf” who can be sad and blue at times, “Coz” who is happy, “Razzy” who sometimes feels angry and “Quigly” who can be shy and nervous.  I was totally endeared to these characters the minute my child and I met them.

Product options include a “Feelings Flashlight”, “Moodster Mirror and Storybook”, “Moodster Mirror” and assorted “Plush/Activity Books”.  These are available from Target, Toys R Us and Amazon.  No matter which product we opened, the experience had my child entertained while being engaged in literally two seconds.  I loved how she related to the topics and was so comfortable telling me her feelings along with the adorable characters.  Can you say “PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT MEETS EDUCATIONAL NEED”.  For more info please visit

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