Serenity Kids Newest Addition – Grain Free Puffs!

My 10-month-old loves having her finger food snacks as she now has three little teeth that have popped through. So, I am excited that Serenity Kids is premiering today their newest line – Grain Free Puffs!  As with their purees, there are no fillers or added sugars.  Organic and whole food ingredients provide the best nutrients for toddlers and their growing bodies. Grass-fed bone broth is an added nutrition. Organic olive oil is a healthy fat for toddlers.  Organic cassava root is a healthier option compared to the rice or wheat most baby puffs are made with.

Image of the baby puffs product in three flavors
baby puffs

Serenity Kids Grain Free Puffs come in three flavors: Tomato and Mushroom, Carrot and Beet, and Broccoli and Spinach.  The puffs dissolve easily. so the toddler does not have to have teeth. However, the toddler should be able to sit unassisted. They should be practicing the pincer grasp and crawling. Finally, they need to be able to mash food with their mouth.  The puffs are in little star shapes and are easy for the toddler to pick up.

My daughter loved Serenity Kids baby puffs and wanted more, more, more!  I will admit, I even tried them, and the puffs are delicious.  If they decide to make adult snacks, I am on board for a “Serenity Parents” line of puffs!  I like that I don’t have to worry about heavy metals or “junk” in the foods from Serenity Kids because they do not include grains and sugars.

The puffs do not compromise flavor. I like that using real/natural food and flavors better prepares the baby for transitioning to whole foods.  The family-founded Serenity Kids once again introduces a nutritious and tasty option for our growing kids to help them grow strong bodies and healthy eating habits.  Check out the line of puffs and more at Serenity Kids.

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