Little Engineer for iPad

OMG.  The coolest game fell literally into my lap.  This is simple blocks meet 3D imagery meets “your child has no idea they are playing an educational game”,  STEM Lab: Little Engineer for iPad  is an amazing summer gaming experience!   The box basically comes with the “Explorer-X Stand, a camera reflector, and 15 colorful blocks.  This game can be played individually or not; my family checked it out together.  You use the blocks to form patterns/puzzles in the effort to allow the main character “Q” to move forward level to level.  This is actually teaching my children the concept of “coding” all while they organize a plan to move the blocks and plan their movements. Basically all you need to do is work Q through the level by planning each step of his way.   I was so thrilled with how my kids (who usually fight with each other left and right) came together to help “Q” move to the next level.  If your child has trouble passing through a level, no worries; this system allows them to go back and trace their steps to make corrections.  Are you through the 25 included levels? No worries here either: you can now unlock a “map creation mode” to create new missions you can enjoy with your friends and family!  All you have to do is visit 

This STEM action can be yours for $69.00 (early bird pricing)!  This is a great summer learning experience in problem solving and STEM concepts!


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