Slip On Comfort and Style with The Slipcover Company

The piece of furniture in a home that sees more use time than the bed is the couch.  And let’s face it, with kids, pets, and to be honest- husbands, sometimes trying to keep the couch looking good is an uphill battle.  I know I try to spot clean and vacuum like crazy when I know company is coming over, but our couch is starting to show it’s age.  However, new couches every 5 years is definitely not in the average family’s budget, so we need alternatives.  Just in time to save our cushions for the holidays is The Slipcover Company!

The Slipcover Company is an affordable way to redecorate and give your sofas and chairs a facelift.  Their website,, is easy to browse to find slipcover options for everything from sofas, loveseats, chairs, dining room chairs, daybeds, and pillows.  They have a number of different options for colors and designs, so it’s easy to match them to what you already have.  The quality is excellent, with a good thickness and material.  The best part is that they are machine washable, so spot cleaning is a thing of the past.

I love their Petcover options as well, both for the living room furniture as well as the car seats.  The Petcovers are also machine washable and come in different styles and colors.  They are very soft and comfortable, more so than I have found in stores at more expensive prices.  I found them easy to clean the cat hair off of, and the subtle design in the stitching was nice.  It was easy to slip on and secure, giving my couch new life!  So, when doing your planning for the holidays, don’t forget to check out The Slipcover Company and give your guests something to talk about, and sit on!

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