How to travel with an Amplifi and seem like you’re home

Okay this is not going to be a technical lesson VPNs, but a rudimentary idea of why they are awesome and a blessing from the tech gods.

The long short is a VPN is basically a secret underground private tunnel from wherever you are to your home network. Amplifi has come out with the teleport which takes this annoying and complicated tech set up and dumbs it down incredible.

Okay, why would you want to make a tunnel go from wherever you are to home?

Lets say you’re in Canada or France or Mexico or wherever. Whenever you travel, it says, “you’re traveling internationally”, when you check your bank. It gives you sixteen warnings and you have to reset your browser from to With this, poof, you don’t. For all essential purposes your using your secret tunnel and virtually using your home network.

Okay, that’s cool, but what else can you do?

Okay, you ever go somewhere and want to access your home network? In the past I’ve copied all our stuff to a portable hard drive which was annoying. This is easy. Log in from Italy or Russia or whatever and you can access your home quicken files.

That’s cool, but is there anything else?

Yes actually. You ever get one of those silly plans which only allows for X devices? For example, you can only connect three devices in your hotel? Or even worse, it’s like a stupid price for one device so your kids drive you nuts because you wouldn’t let them connect? Well, with this it is the one device, the teleport. Then everybody connects to that.

So the long short, this is one of the coolest devices we’ve seen. It was ridiculously easy to set up. Not only that the tech support is constantly there and some of the nicest people we’ve run into it. I mean look at the picture above. The unit is tiny, small, portable and barely noticeable.

This is a must buy for any traveling moms.

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