Spring Skin Products

We are gearing up for warmer weather and bringing you some awesome skin care products!  Check these out!


If your skin is dry…boy is this product for you.  Sheer delicacy!  All natural ingredients and literally a “seal” for your dry and irritated skin.  I can’t get over how there is no greasy feeling to this product.


This product has become a “dream come true” in my home.  Some of us suffer from skin issues; blemishes just will not leave us alone.  These products help to clear up my pre-teen and wash away the oily “ickies” and calm down his pubescent skin.  Also incredible ae their face/body creams and washes geared toward hydrating our super dry winter skin.

Desert Harvest: 

How about incorporating a little aloe vera into your regime? I keep a bottle of this wonderful hand and body lotion on my desk at work.  I love how it is not scented and really penetrates into your skin.  I use it all day long whenever I feel the need.  I just started trying their aloe vera capsules as well; kinda excited about giving my skin this extra attention.

Dial Himalayan Salt Body Wash: 

I hear all day long about the amazing benefits of incorporating Himalayan salt into your skin plan.  I love the exfoliating and healthy energetic vibe this body wash brings.  It really wakes me up in the morning and smells fantastic frankly.

Frizz Ease Hair Products: 

We have all been hiding since winter began.  Warm weather is coming and we need to have our head ready!  My hair is such a pain; always gets tangly, frizzy and gross.  I love this entire line; their “touch-up creme” is amazing for fly aways and you simply apply to dry hair.  Their “styling foam” is wonderful for light curls and waves.  I think my favorite by far however is their “6 effects serum” that puts my just showered hair right into check even before I dry it.

Brow Food: 

Sometimes I get “make up inspired” to go that extra mile and look fabulous at the office.  This companies “brow powder and pencil duo” is allowing me to easily be a brow artist before leaving the house.  I also want to mention their “make up eraser pen” for fixing any kind of mistakes.  The product contains chamomile to soften your skin while you make the necessary corrections.

Everyhue Beauty: 

I am a simple girl and need a simple product to get me started.  Their “glow perfect tinted moisturizer” is amazing.  I feel all aglow in 5 seconds and while its super lightweight it also contains spf 25.  You find your “hue” very easily ( I am a 12) and then use their awesome brushes and sponges to get the party started.  Love this product.  It is a staple and a must.

Jurlique Softening Skin Products: 

Now this company I have talked about before.  Simply amazing quality.  I love me a rose treatment.  It is like a spa day at home for this tired mommy.  These products are the real deal full of rose/avocado/Macadamia oils as well as botanical.  You simply must grab these up! Think Mother’s Day! The light beautiful scent will have you hooked in a minute!

Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost: 

Ok, whose eyes are as tired a mine? I love treating myself to these; very simply they rid you of puffiness, fine lines and just “firm” you up.  It is my nighttime de-stress secret technique.  So not expensive for such awesome luxury!


I have to say; this line is my husbands favorite.  He doesn’t get into my love for trying new skin products but he does suffer from sever dryness and redness especially around his nose.  He is using their “barrier balm” all day long as well as their “after shower oil moisturizer” and “facial cleanser” after his shower/shave and he is admitting how awesome the transformation is just after one week of use.  I’m now having the kids give it a try; these are amazing for eczema sufferers and have no harsh anything in them!  Please try these!




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