I am De-Stressing With BOTA

These days I will do almost anything to keep myself calm and collected.  This is a crazy world we are navigating through!  I was so happy to be handed the De-Stress Pack ($50) from BOTA.  This is targeted CBD relaxation and relief from top to bottom!

Here is what is in the kit:

Muscle Melt Cream is awesome topical relief to all that ails you.  It contains 300MG of CBD and can be used throughout the day as you need.  The “warming” comes from cinnamon oil.  This is great too for after a workout or a really tough day at the office.  My husband has tried many of these products and so many of them have terrible “menthol” odors.  This cream smells like a cinnamon delight!

Nightly Face Cream + Lavender: here is your nightly “pamper your face” routine.  I love how the cream absorbs into my face all night as I get my beauty sleep.  It moisturizes your skin, helps get rid of redness and the best part is that it helps with fine lines and wrinkles.  The scent is nice but subtle (not overpowering at all).  I use this after I wash my face before bed.

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life!