CMY Cubes Review

image of pkg of CMY Cubes and one cuble leaning out of pkg

CMY Cubes are pretty awesome sensory toys we have been putting to the test this week in my home.  The first thing you will notice is the cube’s beauty.  It is a gorgeous diamond polished cube with such bright colors.

The cubes use primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) to see life and light through sort of “different eyes.”   I have to tell you, just to look at it is addicting.  Every time I twist and turn the cube, I see a new vibrant color I haven’t seen before.  I spin the cube, turn it around in my hand, and sort of feel the stress leave my body.  I can’t explain why, but I just need this cube in my life! Okay, maybe I’m obsessing with the CMY Cube but it is quite a bit more interesting than a fidget spinner.

For your kids: CMY Cubes will teach your children about colors and expand their imaginations.  Your children will become entranced with the colors. As they turn the cube, you will adore seeing their anxiety just fade away.  This is a wonderful addition to your home, especially during the pandemic.

We are sometimes still faced with learning from home, quarantines, and separations from our loved ones that our children do not understand.  I put a cube on each of my kids’ desks and find they do in fact pick it up at least once daily.

The pricing is perfect.  The original size cube is $29.95, the mini is $19.95, and the mega (which I NEED in my life) is $69.95.

Check this out for your sensory product needs!