Infantino Go Gaga! 4-in-1 Twist and Fold Musical Mobile Gym

The Infantino Go Gaga! 4-in-1 Twist and Fold Musical Mobile Gym is a top choice on my baby registry.  It’s hard finding a play mat, tummy time mat, and one that will not take up too much space.  There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of fancy options to choose from.

The Infantino Go Gaga! Mobile Gym combines all in one, making sure your baby has stimulation for positive development.  It is made for ages 0 months +.

Setup and Pack-Up

One of my favorite things about this mobile gym is how easy it was to set up. It was even easier to fold for storing or to take on the go.  The four arms connect on top and with a simple push and click, it locks into place.  It’s easy to push and twist the knob on the top of the middle connector and the arms fold.  It was nice to be able to put it away when not using it. So nice not to feel like it’s just another baby item crowding up the living room.


The Go Gaga! collection, only at Target, has simple but stylish patterns in grey and white with splashes of bright colors, matching how babies’ eyes see as they grow.  The wind-up musical mobile plays “You Are My Sunshine” and is the longest-lasting wind-up I have ever used.  The mobile spins while playing to help promote visual tracking for babies.


The cute tactile toys that come with the gym include a textured teether, adorable giraffe plush, a squeaky koala, and a crinkly dreamcatcher.  You can attach them to the loops on the arms of the mobile gym, or on car seat/stroller handles.  The toys help entice and promote reaching and grabbing as baby grows, and I like that they incorporated not only bright colors, but also different textures and sounds to stimulate three senses at once (auditory, visual, and tactile).

There is also a detachable/moveable mirror, and babies love looking and babbling to themselves while playing.  A bolster pillow is included to help with tummy time, and it has a nice firmness to it. It is of better quality than some other tummy time bolsters I have seen.  There is also a wrist/ankle rattle to help encourage babies to move and reach.  The mat is slightly cushioned, making it comfortable for baby whether they are on their back or tummy.

image of baby laying in and looking captivated with the Infantino mobile gym

Age Appropriateness

This Infantino mobile gym is an excellent choice, and with its versatility, it can be used from infant through toddler stages.  My infant loves the musical mobile, and now is reaching and grabbing at the colorful toys.  She likes the little crinkly flaps in two of the corners that fold up and down. She can reach for them while doing tummy time.  The mat is big enough that my 4-year-old can get down on the mat and play with her sister, giving them some fun bonding time.


This is an excellent pick for any baby registry or for anyone expecting a bundle of joy soon, as it will provide plenty of fun and promote healthy learning and growing.  Check out the Infantino Go Gaga! 4-in-1 Twist and Fold Musical Mobile Gym at your local Target, or order online at Infantino.