Iron In A Bottle

These days we are going out much less.  I know I don’t shop around town nearly as much and I find myself doing tasks myself that I would typically send out like laundry.  I truly despise the art of ironing; it is just so tedious and annoying.  This is why being introduced to Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle has really been an amazing treat!  The process couldn’t be easier actually – all I am doing is hanging our clothing on a hanger or laying it flat.  Spray the garment (8-12 inches away) in a sweeping motion until any wrinkles are slightly damp.  The next part is just super fun; you shake the garment (heck, dance if you want) and them smooth out the fabric to see the wrinkles disappear.  In basic terms, this is like a bottle of conditioner for your clothes.  It relaxes the fiber and allows it to be straightened out.

The product is plant based and smells super fresh.  Oh; and I personally love me a product made right here in the USA.  The product is all natural and super safe for use around your little ones.  You can purchase this in spray bottles perfectly sized for your laundry room or even smaller 3oz travel bottles.  My favorite part of this entire experience is that I can toss my clunky iron into the drawer it belongs in!