Is Magnet Fishing for Kids?

Is magnet fishing good for kids?

Before we get into that, one must understand exactly what magnet fishing is. Magnet fishing is taking a rope with a strong magnet at the end and throwing it into the water in the hopes of finding some sort of buried treasure.

Generally people watch the YouTube videos where they pull up cool things like guns and iPhones and other mystical treasures.

These videos are not showing the entire picture.

In reality, magnet fishing isn’t that far off from regular fishing. It is an act of taking the rope and throwing it, and hoping. Then you repeat that process again and again. You’re hoping to come up with something and repeatedly throwing it into the water.

See the similarities to regular fishing are the act of hoping and waiting. Magnet fishing is just like regular fishing in that it isn’t exactly what you catch but what you’re doing while waiting to catch something.  I hate the idea of fishing and killing fish anyway so this is also a safer alternative to even clean up our oceans a bit.

And that’s exactly why it’s great for kids. Kids will be completely entranced as mine was, hoping and praying to find some sort of mystical treasure.

What makes it interesting is not catching of the treasure put the time spent trying to find the treasure. It’s all of the wonderful conversations with an activity that’s like regular fishing but different. And that’s what makes magnet fishing a very good activity to do with the kids. Every moment of hope is a moment of joy in their eyes. Every moment of waiting until and acting silly by throwing the magnet, Is a conversation.

So is it good for kids? Absolutely! If your goal is to talk and spend time with the kids. I recommended this more so for the time in the journey and the time you’ll be spending with your kids in that journey.

You’ll see in the photo, a bottle cap, a bobby pin and some metal that probably is better off coming out of the ocean anyway. You see the happy Metal Hounds 10lb magnet that drug it all out.

What you don’t see are the memories and the emotions that went with it.

So yes, in my recommendation magnet fishing is quite good for kids, and their parents to. In case you want to start, this was all put together wit the Ultimate Fishing Magnet Kit from Magnet Hounds.