Kid’s Book “Completely Me” is Completely Charming

Finding ways to explain to kids about differences and how those differences make us special, and that it is not a bad thing, can sometimes be hard.  Justine Green, Ed.D., authored a beautiful story about a bright young girl who doesn’t know she is different, until someone points it out to her one day.  Based on her own experiences, Completely Me helps shed a light on helping kids understand and talk about differences in a way that is not scary or shaming.  Justine Green is a disability advocate, educator, and award winning author.  Her book shares what it is like to have a disability as a child and how important loving and accepting yourself is.  The main character speaks up when others question what makes her visibly different, which is an important lesson for kids.  This short kid’s book is full of lessons that even adults forget, and I liked being able to talk through with my daughter what it means to love all our perfect imperfections and how to stand up for ourselves.  The illustrations from Ana Luisa Silva enhance the narrative with colorful scenes and expressive characters.  This is the perfect book to read with all kids to promote love, acceptance, understanding, and seeing the beauty in everyone, including yourself.  Get your child’s copy at Amazon.