Jenga Giant JS7 game

Jenga Giant JS7The Jenga Giant JS7 set is a larger version of the original Jenga game, but is just as much fun or maybe more fun, depending on your preferences. There are pros and cons to having a giant Jenga set.


Jenga is great for just about any event or situation. It’s pretty easy to play and can be played repeatedly without losing its appeal. It’s also a game that is fun for all ages. We keep a set at my church for the kids to play with when they have free time. Similarly, it can be used for some extra “problem solving” time at school. Jenga can be used to while away waiting time in an office or as a fun activity at a party. There are even some restaurants that keep a set around to keep their patrons entertained.

In the Jenga Giant JS7 version of the game, each block is 7.12 inches long, 2.38 inches wide, and 1.38 inches tall. It’s advertised to reach 5 feet high, but keep in mind that isn’t how high it’s initially set up. In the beginning, it only stacks up to about 2 feet high. As you are playing, the height could potentially increase up to 5 feet. This giant Jenga set is good for both indoor and outdoor play. It comes with a carry bag that is supposed to make it easier to take with you when you travel, or go on a picnic, or just for storage.

If a set up of 2 feet isn’t big enough for you, there is an even larger version called GIGANTIC Jenga. It is about twice as large, with a setup height of 4 feet, and a potential gameplay height of 8 feet.


Although the Jenga Giant JS7 comes with bag, it doesn’t seem as sturdy as it needs to be to hold all the pieces. The strap seems as though it will break easily. And keep in mind that since the blocks are made of wood, if they get damp they could possibly mold, although this is a potential issue with the original version or any toy made of wood for that matter.

There are a couple more potential problems you should consider when playing with this set. One is that with larger pieces, you may end up with a much louder sound when the blocks land on a hard surface. Also, if the hard surface is a wood floor, you may want to think about any possible damage that could occur. There is an easy solution to these problems though. You could just put a mat or small area rug over the hard surface to limit the noise, and avoid the chances of scratching.

The only other thing I can think of that you need to be aware of is the weight of the set. The total weight of the Jenga Giant JS7 set is around 26 pounds. That means you might not want to be right next to it when it collapses. Several pounds of blocks hitting you might be a bit painful. But, just like with playing on a hard surface, this should be a problem easily solved by making sure players are not sitting right next to the tower.

All in all, I think this is a fun product that’s worth the investment for most people. You can find it at or on Amazon. If you try it out, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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