McCrea’s Caramels

McCrea’s Caramels are a delectable change of course from your typical Halloween/fall candies.  Owner and Chief Caramel Scientist Jason McCrea had a mission: to create the best caramel using the best, most natural ingredients.  These are by far the yummiest caramel I’ve ever tasted.  (I even shared with the hubby!)  I usually shy away from caramel as they are too sticky to enjoy.  McCrea’s caramel are just true heaven.  They are so soft and rich in flavor.  I think my favorite are “deep chocolate”; almost like a fudge meets caramel.  The flavor is extraordinary.  Flavor options include classic vanilla (just amazing and my mother’s new favorite), black lava sea salt, cape cod sea salt, tapped maple, single malt scotch, rosemary truffle sea salt, cafe noir, ginger fusion, dark roasted mocha, cinnamon clove, basil cayenne, curried butternut and of course deep chocolate.  You can see just now much work McCrea’s has put into making a product not quite like anything else out there.  Purchase options include a 1.4 oz sleeve (5 pieces), 2.4 oz sleeve (9 pieces), 5.5 oz sleeve (17-19 pieces) and of course party and gift boxes.  Prices for sleeves run around $4-$15 while party/gift boxes run about $55.  These are a must for your holiday host gifts.  For more info please visit

McCreas Caramels

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